THE LOVE BOX is a unique device created by honest&smile, conceived to record two sided videos in one single iPhone’s shot.
It consists of a wooden base and a mirroring system that, when mounted with your mobile phone,
simultaneously records “front” and “back” views in one single, split screen image.

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...or watch online the documentary we made in Paris "The Love Box Conversations"

are you in barcelona? well, We have some great news >the love box is exposed at the miba museum in barcelona's old town.
the love box, unpacked, closed.
made in white oak wood.
SIZE: 21 x 13 x 8 cm.
WEIGHT: 850 gr.

the love box, unpacked, open.
left-side: the base + mirror
right-side: the cover
detail / fire stamp & oak
the base with your iphone mounted. almost ready to record two sided videos in one single shot
top view of the base + iphone
get the idea? the mirror breaks the image in 2 areas: back and front.
THE LOVE box video mixer, as you will receive it
the first limited edition of 100 units, ready to go!
Conceived in Paris
whilst recording a documentary
about love and love after love.

Designed and Handmade
in Barcelona
A product by
Honest&Smile is a Things Agency. Yes, we create Things. No traditional advertising, no cute (empty) slogans... Things. In a world filled with words but in need of real action, we build digital experiences & analogical products that help our clients create value & drive awareness to their business.
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